Selling A Business

Selling a Business is a decision that you have made to ultimately enhance your position in life whether it be retirement planning, financial, health, timing, strategy or simply a shift in focus. There are many strategic reasons behind selling a business but ultimately you would want to have the best opportunity of selling your business to accurate and motivated buyers. Contact our business brokers to personally walk you through the process of selling a business.

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Prepare Your Business to Sell

Blue Eagle SA will help you prepare and package your business so that it’s ready and professionally presented to prospective business buyers. A Blue Eagle SA consultant will address the key issues relevant to the sale of your business and immediately begin the process of selling your business to authorised and accurate business buyers. Our objective is to provide accurate buyers to minimise time-wasting & disruptions whilst maximising opportunity to sell to the right buyer. More on Selling your Business can be found on our Selling a Business page.

Preparing your Business to Sell is an important step to achieving your objectives: Step 1 to Selling a Business

Valuation & Strategy

Blue Eagle SA Business Brokers provide guidance on Valuation that is realistic and achievable within the relevant industries, but more importantly Blue Eagle SA will incorporate a strategy to find motivated buyers. Blue Eagle SA Business Brokers will apply a campaign that is designed for effectiveness and accuracy. Blue Eagle SA will provide an initial screening process and assess and analyse each potential buyer. More on Selling your Business can be found on Selling a Business page.

Marketing Campaign

Blue Eagle SA puts a massive amount of emphasis and energy on marketing techniques to ensure that our reach is wide and acute. The marketing campaign is specific to your business and is therefore very focused. This eliminates many of the time wasters and helps channel our interaction with specific buyer quality for your industry and  business. Blue Eagle SA respects the vulnerability of the business seller at all times and manages a process that is respected and discreet. More on Selling your Business can be found on our Selling a Business page

Confidentiality’s & Screening

Once Blue Eagle SA marketing department have sourced motivated buyers then we will undertake to screen each buyer to ensure that all the boxes are ticked whilst also consulting you the seller to determine if you are comfortable with the prospective buyers. Blue Eagle SA will ensure that a comprehensive NDA or Confidentiality is in place to protect your business and brand and we will only disclose the identity of your business to the prospective buyers once you are comfortable and have given us the necessary authorisation. NO INFORMATION IS SHARED WITHOUT YOUR AUTHORISATION

Facilitation Process

Blue Eagle SA Business Brokers will thereafter coordinate and facilitate all aspects of interaction with you and buyers. We will advise and provide insight when and where its required. We will ensure that the Confidentialities are respected and encourage an environment of trust between you and prospective buyers. This is an important part of our function where we step back appropriately but manage the process to ensure there is structure and intent.

Why Choose Blue Eagle SA

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Selling Your Business